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Target Groups

Several target groups have been initially identified as potential beneficiaries of the project activities, achievements and results:

  • Research-driven clusters: Entities conducting research (universities, research organisations and research for profit bodies), business entities (large enterprises and SMEs) or local entities such as chambers of crafts, commerce and industry, financial entities and consultants, operating in a particular scientific and technological domain or economic sector.
  • R&D centres: Public or private entities that undertake creative work on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, create new products or define value added services.
  • Policy makers at European, national and regional levels: People responsible for making policies or taking policies-related decisions, especially in government.
  • Regional and local authorities: Members of local or regional governments and administrative entities.
  • Industry: Companies and Companies’ Associations requesting innovative products and services.
  • General public: Population interested in logistics and logistics-related sectors.
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