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External Collaborations

The section displays the external collaborations established throughout the project lifetime.

Logistics-related projects:

  • LOG4GREEN - - Logistics clusters of six regions - Carinthia (Austria), Ruhr Area (Germany), Wallonia (Belgium), Normandy (France), Istanbul (Turkey), and Odessa (Ukraine) perform joint analyses of the respective logistic sectors in order to develop regional strategies and a Joint Action Plan. The project is financed through the Regions of Knowledge-Programme under FP7 (Capacities) and coordinated by Udo Tarmann, Entwicklungsagentur Kärnten, Austria.
  • InTraRegio - - The InTraRegio project is a coordination action funded under the “Regions of knowledge” programme from the 7th Framework Programme. The project brings together five clusters from different European regions: Canary Islands (ES), Bremen (DE), Marmara (TR), Calabria (IT) and Ruse (BG) with the aim to enhance intermodality in their regional transport systems, foster the economic developments of the regions and improve clusters’ capacities and performance. Through mutual learning processes and collaborative relationships among the regional research-driven clusters, represented by 18 partners coming from governmental, research and industrial side, a transnational strategy will be established, directed at developing the take up of innovative measures that spin towards new collaboration among regional players and address as a joint force transport-related issues.

Other entities:

  • ERRIN - - ERRIN, European Regions Research and Innovation Network, is a dynamic network of more than 90 EU regions and their Brussels-based offices. ERRIN facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships with the aim to strengthen its member region's research and innovation capacities and enhance their success in EU programmes.
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