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The consortium consists of five clusters that represent essential areas of logistics (deep-sea hubs, airports, land-hubs and short-sea hubs)


The Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics (Dinalog) was established to unroll the Research and Development Program for Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Dinalog will be the (physical and virtual) place where the private sector will cooperate with Centers of Excellence (the Universities) and where Post-Experience Education will be organized


The HOLM is an open, neutral, and interdisciplinary platform for cluster actors from the economy, science and politics. As an Institution for Collaboration directly at Frankfurt Airport in the Gateway Gardens (physical building will be finished until 2013), it is committed to interdisciplinary, practice-relevant research, student and executive education, as well as to the development of innovative concepts, products, and business ideas in the sector of logistics and mobility. The HOLM functions as a marketing platform for the region and the location advantages for logistics in Germany.


ALIA, the Association of Innovative Logistics of Aragón, involves all actors in the region that operate in the sectors of logistics and transportation, primarily business entities, with the aim of promoting Aragón as an international centre of excellence in the sector and contributing to the economical, social and technological development within the sector and the associated companies.


ULUND (the University of Lund) and Öresund, including NGIL in cooperation with Öresund Logistics builds a non profit cluster organization in the  Danish-Swedish cross border Øresund Region.

This cluster builds on close triple-helix cooperation between 5 universities (the university cluster is named Öresund University and the leading partner is called ULUND), 3 regional authorities and the  three main industry organisations NGIl, CeLIT and Øresund Logistics has a network including around 500 companies and has since 2003 worked as an engine for growth and a catalyst for innovative activities. Activities include numerous knowledge intensive projects together with companies and universities. Involved groups have been involved in several projects financed by both governments in Denmark and Sweden. Several projects has been carried out as a result of the Öresund bridge in order to strengthen the collaboration in the region


MTSO - Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, performs the following functions as made incumbent upon it by law:

  • Registration and cessation procedures in respect of commercial and industrial organizations
  • Determination of capacity of industrial organizations
  • Registration and approval of exports procedures
  • Procedures related with TIR certificates
  • Provision of price indexes, preparation of expertise reports
  • Provision of all other services as may be required by its members

Participating Third Parties




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